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The Technology section of the Building Blocks Technologies website is meant to give a broad overview of some areas of technology as they relate to Blockchains.  The information on the pages linked below was penned in 2020;  while some of the information may be dated, most of the information is still relevant and should provide a good starting point for novices looking to scratch the surface of some of the basics. The information given here is not intended to be comprehensive and there is no attempt to re-iterate information that can be found in many other places on the web.  We hope you will enjoy our short, summary explanations and for those with an appetite for development, some short code snippets are provided.  ENJOY! -- Compliments of Building Blocks Technologies! 



BTC Blockchain Transactions


Zero Knowledge Proof

Triple Entry Accounting

Addresses, Keys, Wallets

Consensus Algorithms


ERC Tokens

Dispute Resolution

Identity Management

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