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Decentralized Applications

  • The Smart Contracts page gives some toplevel information regarding smart contracts, which are essentially small, rule-based software components that are executed across a blockchain.
  • Decentralized applications (DApps) build on smart contracts by wrapping them into a full application, complete with a front end, bringing them to full-stack entities
  • Conceptually, DApps are roughly the equivalent of WebApps, except that the backend is executed across a blockchain instead of executing on a central server.
  • An example stack/ dev enviornment for DApps is as follows:
  • Truffle:  development and testing framework
  • Remix: browser based IDE for building and compiling smart contracts
  • Genache: part of the Truffle framework; in-memory, local blockchain
  • Metamask: plugin providing interface from browser to blockchain
  • Infura: connect to ETH blockchain without running a full node
  • Web3: interact with local or remote ETH nodes
  • Drizzle: front end libraries
  • Ropsten:  public testnet
  • Mainnet: the real Ethereum network

  • To date, DApps have experienced mixed success

  • Some of the most successful DApps have been in the domain of gambling

  • Two sites that give a nice view of current DApp usage are state-of-the-dapps and dapp-radar.

Example Code

(Coming Soon!)

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