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Building Blocks TEchnologies Proprietary

Summer 2020 (UNPAID) Internship Program


  • Build a team of students and new grads to tackle interesting and challenging problems in the fields of Engineering and Development. The projects are roughly focused on initiatives for the Blockchain community, however they utilize skills and approaches applicable to a broad range of non-Blockchain industry efforts.

  • Follow well-respected, industry standard processes for collaborative development efforts

  • Have the students build real-world skills in both technology and teamwork to bolster their professional biographies

  • Have Fun, Learn and Make good use of the summer!

Pre-requisites for Team Members:

  • Commitment for 25 to 40 hours per week from June 8 - August 7 (8 weeks).

  • Access to a computing asset (laptop or other...) running a current version of Linux or MaxOs

  • Access to a reliable network connection

  • Ability and willingness to work as a member of a team and to help teammates as appropriate

Application Process:

  • Review the basic "skills" categories below

  • Review the detailed descriptions of the projects (which are linked below)

  • Send email to with the following information:

    • School, Major, Year of Graduation

    • Project that you are interested in

    • Skills that you have or are interested in learning

    • 1 or 2 sentences as to what you will bring to The Team

    • 1 or 2 sentences as to what you will hope to get out of being a member of The Team

    • Confirmation that you meet the requirements given above in "Pre-Requisites"

    • If there is any additional information you'd like to share, add it to the end of your email!

  • After review of the above information, you may be invited to a phone or Zoom interview

  • Interviews will take place the ​week of June 1

  • Team kickoff will be either June 8 or June 9


  • Java Generalist + Python, Go, etc (2 positions)

  • Infrastructure Engineer (1 position)

  • NLP/ML/Data Analytics (2 positions)

  • UX/UI (1 position)

  • Front-End developer (1 position)

  • Business development Engineer (1 position)



  1. General:  All team members will engage in curated (video-based) training to gain a basic understanding of Blockchain technology and its applications.  The Engineering/Development focused members of the team will engage in additional training in basic cryptographic primitives, merkel trees, smart contracts, etc.

  2. Blockchain Opportunity Analysis 

  3. Blockchain Data Extraction, Correlation and Analysis

Team Logistics:

  • 100% remote, distributed team

  • We will follow 2 week "sprints", complete with internal demos

  • Personal, one-on-ones with Barb every other week

  • Peer-to-peer one-on-ones every week

  • Once per week standup/planning/checkin

  • Dedicated Slack channel for team collaboration

  • Other than pre-scheduled meetings, demos and planning, hours are 100% flexible -- work where you want, when you want!

  • Final demo on August 7


Benefits to Team Members:

  • Skills Building (General):

    • Agile process via planning/sprints/demos (All)

    • Exposure to Blockchain Technology in theory and in practice (All)

    • Team work and collaboration (All)

  • Skills Building (Technologists will work on one or more of the following):​​

    • General Infastructure:

      • Git, Jira, Maven, ​Demo preparation and practice

    • Machine Learning: Supervised Classification Model

    • Understanding of Consensus Mechanisms

    • Blockchain node setup and operation (various PoS blockchains)

    • Natural Language Processing: Data normalization and extraction​​

    • Elastic Search / Data Indexing / Search Optimization

    • Data Collection / Web Crawling​

  • Skills Building (UX/UI/Front End will work on one or more of the following):​​

    • Industry Research

    • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJs

    • React, Angular

    • Database Integration for dynamic search and visualization

  • Skills Building (Business Development Engineer)

    • Industry Research

    • Full Business plan, including market opportunities, etc for portfolio


  • Thanks for Reading!

  • Regardless of whether or not you participate in the Building Blocks Technologies 2020 Internship program, we wish you all of the success in the world!  The world has never needed its citizens to show up and participate more than it needs us now.   We -- The Technologists, the Thinkers, The Do'ers, The Passionate, The Dedicated, The Hardworking, The Committed -- We can do our our part!   Let's all show up and show the world "we got this!". 

  • Take good care of yourselves, your families and your friends

  • Do something nice today, "just because"

  • And, remember to keep washing those hands.  :)

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