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Building Blocks TEchnologies Proprietary

Blockchain Data Extraction and Analysis Project


  • Build a tooling system to collect and analyze data related to staking activities for Proof of Stake Blockchains.  

Intern Opportunities

  • Backend Generalist (Java, Python, more!):  Capture and data base Oracle / Exchange data

    • Create WebSocket interfaces to ​capture exchange data, such as Bitfinex

    • Research the available oracles for pricing data, including current IEPs for common interface

    • Propose design for gathering and databasing pricing data from multiple oracles

    • Develop solution for gathering data from at least one oracle

    • Collaborate with Blockchain focused engineer on design for correlating the Oracle/Exchange data with the data extracted from the Proof of Stake Blockchains

  • Infastructure Engineer / Backend Generalist: 

    • Elastic Search:

      • Setup single​ node Elastic Search "cluster"

      • Research multi-node cluster options; expand to 2 nodes if possible

      • Design indexing chain

      • Install and configure Elastic Search Head plugin

      • Work with the larger team to design and implement the pipes to connect data collection from both the "blockchain opportunity analysis" project and the "blockchain data extraction" process into the Elastic Search index

    • Team Infrastructure:​

      • Provide support as necessary for setting up and maintaining team environments:  IDEs, Slack, Git, Jira, VMs, Proxies, Python Envs, Node configurations, etc.

  • Backend Generalist (Java, Go, more!):  Blockchain focused

    • Research Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchains with respect to their staking activities​

    • Produce a summary of the top 5 PoS blockchains to summarize the staking activities

    • Propose a plan for setting up and executing events related to staking activities from 1 or 2 of the PoS blockchains

    • Work with the team members doing the Oracle work to design an integration approach

    • Work with the team members working on the Elastic Search effort to design an integration approach

    • Within the limited time constraints, attempt to put one full end-to-end solution together.

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