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Building Blocks Technologies Proprietary

Blockchain Development Positions

The blockchain development positions do not require previous experience, but they DO require that people interested in these positions be willing to spend some extra time coming up to speed and doing independent research.  These positions are guaranteed to be Fun and Challenging, but they are only for those who are up for the task!

For the following positions, we will start with basic training on the fundamentals of Blockchain.  Following the basic training, the IPFS/Hadoop task will continue training specifically on IPFS/Hadoop, while the Smart contract positions will transition to training on Solidity + Smart contract environment.  After all of that training is complete (~4 weeks), then the interns will tackle the specific problems below for the 2nd 4 weeks of the internship.

IPFS with Hadoop:  Research and development on how Hadoop Map/Reduce can be used in conjunction with IPFS.  A one page overview of some preliminary work can be found here:

Smart contracts:   Estimating gas, Optimizing gas

Smart contracts:  Design patterns, security audits

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