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Building Blocks TEchnologies Proprietary

Summer 2021  Internship Program

Hello and thanks for visiting the Building Blocks Technologies Internship page!

We are currently accepting applications for the Summer 2021 Intern class.  Have you decided to take a gap semester while waiting for the University logistics to be straightened out?  OR, you just have some extra hours in your week?  Make good use of your time by interning with Building Blocks Technologies!  

The following list gives the positions available.  If there is a position that piques your interest please read below for further information on Objectives, Pre-Requisites, and Application process.  Also, below is a picture of our 2020 intern classes.  We had a blast and we accomplished a ton!  I expect the same for the Winter 2021 class!!!!


  1.     Java Developer, Web Crawling and more

  2.     UX/UI : Continue design + Start Building it!  Here is a link to the design we have so far:                 BlockchainOpportunityAnalysis Design in Figma

  3.     Back-End Generalist -- Python, Java, VMs, Cloud, Elastic Search, etc!

  4.     Data Analytics, NLP, ML -- THIS IS AN ADVANCED Position.  This candidate will need to have previous       experience.

  5.     Research/Training Specialist:  Research and organize training materials related to the blockchain space

  6.     Blockchain Smart Contracts:   Estimating gas, Optimizing Gas

  7.     Blockchain Smart Contracts:   Design Patterns, Security Audits, Wallet Integrations



  •  Build a team of students and new grads to tackle interesting and challenging problems in the fields of Engineering and Development. The projects are roughly focused on initiatives for the Blockchain community, however they utilize skills and approaches applicable to a broad range of non-Blockchain industry efforts.

  • Follow well-respected, industry standard processes for collaborative development efforts

  • Have the students build real-world skills in both technology and teamwork to bolster their professional biographies

  • Have Fun and Learn, Learn, Learn!

Pre-requisites for Team Members:

  • Commitment for a minimum of 10 hours per week during an 8 week period beginning on January 19th 2021

  • For the Development positions, Access to a computing asset (laptop or other...) running a current version of Linux or MaxOs

  • For the Design, UI and Research positions, access to a suitable computing device (Windows or other)

  • Access to a reliable network connection

  • Ability and willingness to work as a member of a team and to help teammates as appropriate

Application Process:

  • Send email to with the following information:

    •      -- School, Major, Year of Graduation
    •      -- The position you are applying for.  (Pick 1 or 2 positions from list above)
    •      -- Number of hours per week you can commit to (10 hours per week is the minimum)

    •      -- Resume, Pointer to your LinkedIn page OR Both!

    •      -- 1 or 2 sentences as to what you will bring to The Team

    •      -- 1 or 2 sentences as to what you will hope to get out of being a member of The Team

    •      -- Confirmation that you meet the requirements given above in "Pre-Requisites"

    •      -- If there is any additional information you'd like to share, add it to the end of your email!

  •  After review of the above information, you may be invited to a phone or Zoom interview.  The interviews will be conducted the first 2 weeks of January 2021

Team Logistics:

  • 100% remote, distributed team

  • We will follow 2 week "sprints", complete with internal demos

  • Personal, one-on-ones with Barb every other week

  • Peer-to-peer one-on-ones every week

  • Once per week standup/planning/checkin

  • Dedicated Slack channel for team collaboration

  • Other than pre-scheduled meetings, demos and planning, hours are 100% flexible -- work where you want, when you want!


Benefits to Team Members:

  • Skills Building (General):

    • Agile process via planning/sprints/demos (All)

    • Exposure to Blockchain Technology in theory and in practice (All)

    • Team work and collaboration (All)

    • Git (All)

  • Skills Building (Blockchain Developers)

    • Learn the Solidity programming language

    • Learn ETH test and development environments

    • Learn about how to produce secure and reliable smart contracts

    • Learn basics of IPFS and basics of Hadoop Map/Reduce

  • Skills Building (Backend Generalists)​

    • Increase skills in Python and Java​

    • Increase skills and/or build new skills in infastructure:  cloud, VMs, etc

  • Skills Building (UX/UI/Front End will work on one or more of the following):​​

    • Industry Research

    • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJs

    • React, Angular

    • Database Integration for dynamic search and visualization

The 2020 Intern Teams

        We Had Fun!

              We worked as a Team!

                    We accomplished A Lot!

                          We all Learned!

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