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"Fueling the World's Transformation to Web-3 .... Sometimes with Data!"



Desert in Dark

Building Blocks Technologies builds data products to inform, engage and grow the web-3 ecosystem.  We also provide a variety of consultation and development services to startups undertaking blockchain/web-3 focused technology initiatives.


At Building Blocks Technologies, we understand that blockchain and web-3 are all about community.  We have a passion for innovative solutions and a keen interest in helping web-3 communities to stabilize and grow.

Desert in Dark
  • Both on-chain and off-chain data collection and analysis

  • Application, Analytics and Tool Development

  • White Paper to Proof-of-Concept (POC) Development

  • Requirements Analysis

  • Technology Staffing and Analysis Plan

  • Initial Development Infrastructure

Desert in Dark

To help foster the world's transition to web-3 through the use of data informed decisions and products, coupled with expert strategic support to other early phase startups.

Learn. Grow. Innovate.

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