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Building Blocks Technologies Proprietary


Background:  Building Blocks Technologies has been collecting and analyzing data for the purpose of producing a public-facing website for the Blockchain Community.  The data is multi-dimensional and describes the skills necessary to become a developer, the industries involved, the companies that are hiring, etc.  Preliminary work has been done to conduct market research and also to produce a static representation of the data in Figma.  The project is now ready to move into the next phase of design and development, which includes the "interactive exploration" of the data.

Winter/Spring 2021 Ux/Ui Tasks:    

  • Expand on Current Figma design to include the following:

    • "Explore by Career Opportunity", "Explore by Company/Project"

    • Display Job Postings

    • Display Companies/Project

    • Add Filtering/Search capabilities to both of the above

  • Will need to be integrated with Database!  (Elastic Search OR Algolia)

  • Build it!

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