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Barb Dean:  Founder and Principal Engineer 

Ms. Dean is an Electrical Engineer with 30+ years of experience in Scientific Computing. Ms. Dean has spent decades helping to solve difficult problems for both the Government and Commercial Sectors. 


Her areas of focus and expertise can be broken down roughly along the edges of 4 decades:

Decade #1: Digital Signal Processing Focused Applications

Decade #2: Tracking and Data Fusion Focused Applications

Decade #3: Data Science and Data Analytics -- Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Big Data, Graph Models. (

Decade #4: BlockChain Focused Applications!


Past Team Collaborators!

Jomar: UCSD

Ling-I: New York University

John-Paul: Syracuse

Sri:  U of Texas @ Austin

Parul :   MIT

Khushi: Carnegie Mellon

Kavi:     USC

Kaushik:Grad Neuroscience

Lu:         Grad @ U of Washington

Sammy: Drexel

Leon:     Carnegie Mellon

Dev:       Fenton (Canada)

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