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Project Name:  Staky

Project Description:   A Financial Tracking, Analysis and Reporting Portal for Proof of Stake Validators

Motivation:   Regulations in the US and in many other jurisdictions for how to account for and report financials related to Proof of Stake (PoS) activities are not yet formally on the books.  The closest regulation that could be derived, currently, is that revenues must be recognized and accounted for at the time received.  For ETH 2.0, rewards/penalties can affect balances on every epoch, which equates to roughly 240 data points per day or over 7K per month.  This is a lot of data to be tracked! 


To date, there does not exist a flexible tool for tracking and/or re-computing financials related to the ETH 2.0 staking activities.  This project seeks to address this need.  The long term vision is to provide validators all around the world with a capability to track, report and analyze financials using a tool that is flexible and robust enough to re-compute based on regulations as they come onto the books.

Work Flow:

  • Collect Validator Addresses by Scraping Deposit Contract data (Done.  Python)

  • Collect Validator Balances on every epoch (6.4 minutes) (Half Done. Python)

  • Collect Pricing information for every epoch( 1/3 Done. Python)

  • Database the above (Needs to be designed and developed!)

  • Enable "question answering" via query and data analytics (Needs to be designed and Developed!)


  • Design end architecture

    • Database?

    • Housed Where?  (Cost...)

    • Front End

      • Mobile?

      • Console login?

      • Browser Plugin?

  • Gather pricing information from 2 more sources: Kraken, Bittrex, Bitmex, Binance, Coinbase, Gemini

  • Gather validator Meta Data

  • Update processing flow to automatically bring in new validators

  • Fill gaps in data

  • Dedup?

  • Monitor capability to guard against outages

  • Define initial set of questions and filters

    • Example: Give me a report of my earnings over X timeframe using Poloniex pricing at time of event

      •           Report of earnings over X by averaging over Y epochs

      •           Report for individual validators

      •           Report for my whole group of validator

      •           ....  Possibilities are almost endless and will be driven by Market Research

  • UX Design for user interface

  • Front end development for user interface

  • Documentation

Getting Started:

Setup and Run ETH 2.0 Beacon Chain

Infura Account

Prysm Client

Similar Projects in Ecosystem:

  1. Rotki source portfolio tracking, analytics, accounting and tax reporting tool that respects your privacy.  Integrates with exchanges.  Does not track validator rewards specifically. Install on Desktop

  2. Block-Montior : Monitor ETH 2.0 staking rewards and get notified if balance goes down. Mobile App  

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