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Building Blocks Technologies 

Working Group for Aspiring Blockchain Technologists

About:  The Building Blocks Technologies "Working group for Aspiring Blockchain Technologists" is an invite only group that will be focused on hands-on learning and development for blockchain focused applications. 

Who:  Engineers, developers, technologists with 2+ years of professional experience who have an interest in gaining some blockchain knowledge and development skills and who have 8+ hours per week to devote to study/development activities.

Mission:  Bring together a group of individuals who have a background in technology and an interest in the quickly expanding world of blockchain.  The group will learn and build together, with the ultimate goal of positioning each member of the group to be able to use their new knowledge and skills to actively participate in the blockchain community via new career opportunities, social events (such as hackathons), and/or volunteer opportunities, such as mentoring/helping underserved students break into the blockchain space.

Approach:  This will be a hands on team/group.  The developers/technologists will study and come up to speed broadly on blockchain technology  and then will focus development activities on Smart Contracts, Decentralized applications (which include both the smart contract business logic and the user-facing front end), and some blockchain-related data analytics.  The group will utilize the learning materials that have been collected and organized by Building Blocks Technologies (BBT) as a guide.  Additionally, the group will leverage the data from Building Blocks Technologies  ML/NLP/DataAnalytics Loop to understand the opportunities available in the Blockchain space and to guide the focus of development activities.

Logistics:  Applications for a spot on the team/group can be submitted from January 8 through January 22nd.  Interviews will take place the week of January 25th and the group will formally kickoff the week of Feb 1.   The group activities will last for 16 weeks, wrapping on May 28th.


The following are the expectations for each member:

  • Commitment to 8+ hours per week of study/development

  • Participation in once per month group meetings/demos

  • Active participation in Slack chat for collaboration with other team members, including the willingness to help others as appropriate

Benefits to Team members:

  • Blockchain technology / development is hard!  It's difficult to figure out how to get started.  This is an opportunity to dip your feet in the pool and test the waters, while collaborating with others that have a similar interest  

  • Continuing education and skills building;  Augment experience and projects on resume

  • Network building 

  • Exposure to possible new career opportunities, social opportunities and potential volunteer/mentoring activities

Benefits to Building Blocks Technologies:  Why is BBT spending time to build and participate in this group?  The reason is because it is going to help further the technology foundation that we are seeking to build to support our business model.  The group is going to utilize the training materials that BBT has accumulated and organized, in addition to using the data from its model for analyzing the opportunities available in this space.  Successful completion of the group's mission will prove BBT's business position that data analytics coupled with technologists that have solid problem solving skills, but no Blockchain development experience, can develop the necessary skills to fill the growing gap between demand and available skills in the quickly expanding Blockchain technology sector.

Application: Interested in hearing more and exploring this opportunity further?  Please send an email to express your interest to  Please include a short note with a few sentences to let us know what interests you about this opportunity and maybe a bit about what you would bring to the group/team.  If you have a current resume, please attach, but if you don't have a current resume, a link to your LinkedIn profile will be just fine.  Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you! 

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