Whew, what a year 2020 was for Blockchain and for Building Blocks Technologies!  As we move forward into 2021, we have a firm foundation in place for executing our Business model.

In 2021, we will be launching two products:  Blockchain Opportunity Analysis (BOA), which is a public-facing, data analysis of the blockchain space.  This product leverages off of the ML/NLP/DataAnalytics framework that we built for our in-house, forward looking view of the blockchain space.  This product will launch at the end of Q2.

The second product we will be launching in 2021 is Staky.  Staky is a tooling solution for Financial Tracking, Analysis and Reporting for the Proof of Stake (PoS) economy.  Our friends at Blockchain Acceleration Foundation  are our partners on this project.  We will initially focus on the ETH 2.0 validator community with a big picture view of expanding to support a dozen or more PoS networks.  Staky is scheduled to be released in Q3.

In addition to our 2 product launches, in 2021, we will be expanding our development and consultation services.  Building Blocks Technologies is now very well positioned to become the "go to" source for projects that can't afford to fail.  Our positioning in this regard is built on our in-house data analytics analysis, coupled with our in-house training of technologists to meet the demands of this thriving and vibrant community.

The following is a summary of our 2021 Roadmap.  Below the 2021 Roadmap, is our 2020 roadmap, which we are happy to say we executed to plan!

Q1 2021

  • BOA:  Build out static front end for Blockchain Opportunity Analysis 

  • BOA: UX design for interactive portion

  • Staky:  Collect validator balance data

  • Staky:  Collect time accurate pricing information from 2 or more sources

  • Dev and Consultation:  development for 1 small DeFi client

Q2 2021

  • BOA: Build out interactive portion

  • BOA: Launch Phase 1

  • Staky: Integrate into Database with robust search/retrieval capability

  • Staky: Initial Analytics work to post-process the data

  • Staky: UX design

  • Dev and Consultation: development for 1 small DeFi client


Q3 2021

  • BOA:  Phase II UX design and planning

  • Staky: Launch Phase I, collect feedback

  • Staky: Begin development for additional networks

  • Dev and Consultation:  Bring on additional clients, continue in-house skills building and training

Q4 2021:

  • BOA:  Build out and launch Phase II

  • Staky: Product upgrades as necessary based on client feedback from the initial launch

  • Dev and Consultation: Continue to broaden both our client base and our ability to responds as team to the needs of the community


Q1 2020:

  • Identify funding opportunities that are in line with the Building Blocks mission that could help to launch the company. Pursue as appropriate.  (DONE!  Proposal submitted to National Science Foundation)

  • Begin building strategic relationships. (DONE!) 

  • Develop beta crawler/indexer/ML/NLP process (DONE!)

  • Based on our ML/NLP analysis, select an initial set of industry vectors on which to focus (DONE!)

  • Based on the industry vectors, define an initial technology skill set on which to focus (DONE!)

Q2 2020:

  • Team building:  collaborate with and/or recruit technologists to join the team (DONE!)

    • InHouse team of 9 Engineers on board as technology collaborators.​

    • Team skills spread across Machine Learning, NLP, Data Analytics, and Backend Generalists

  • Begin building in-house capabilities to execute technology development on the skills identified for the vectors identified. (DONE!)

    • InHouse training on Blockchain basics​

    • InHouse training on Cryptographic Primitives

    • InHouse training on Smart Contract Development with emphasis on Security and Best Practices.

Q3 and Q4 2020:

  • Begin R&D activities for tooling solutions and smart contracts (DONE!)

  • Begin contacting potential clients in our identified verticals (DONE!)

  • Begin securing and executing contracts (In Progress, Contract execution to begin in Q1)

  • Begin building reputation for being the "go to" solution for targeted blockchain development tasks

  • Continue adaptive feedback loop of the following (DONE!)

    • Collecting data

    • Analyzing industry trends

    • Building in-house skills to respond to industry demand

    • Securing and executing contracts