Building Blocks Technologies Proprietary

"Blockchain Opportunity Analysis"

Is Seeking

Revenue-Sharing Collaborators!!!

"Blockchain Opportunity Analysis" is a project spear-headed by Building Blocks Technologies which seeks to generate revenue while at the same time, providing a service to the emergent blockchain community.

The focus of the project is to produce an interactive visualization of the blockchain space, where data and statistics can be explored to reveal a picture of the opportunities available in this domain.  Revenue is generated by selling community-specific ad space (Q3)  and, eventually, by hosting job listings natively (Q4).  Competition in this niche space is currently very low and demand is projected to increase throughout the 2nd half of 2021 and beyond as Blockchain technology continues to gain momentum around the world.

The data to back the visualization is collected, analyzed and databased.  The source of the data is job postings, Crunchbase, Etherscan (Q3), whitepapers, patent applications, and blockchain-focused company websites (Q4 and Beyond)

Building Blocks Technologies currently has responsibility for both the back-end (developed in-house) and the front-end (design is done in-house;  development is outsourced).  We are currently seeking revenue-share partners to help with the Sales and Marketing portions of the project.  

The initial (Q3) revenue will come from Community based advertising.  The revenue share for Building Blocks will be 40%.  The revenue share for the Sales component will be 40%. The remaining 20% will be held in reserve for Front-End development, Marketing and hosting costs.

Beyond Q3, we hope to expand to being able to support native job postings.  Once we get to this point, the revenue share agreements will be re-visited.  It is hoped that once the project gets that far, we can divide equally into 3 components.  Building Blocks would keep the Backend @ 1/3rd revenue.  The other 2/3rds would be Front End, Sales/Marketing/Product.

As Q3 begins,  the following is the status:

  • Backend

    • Data Collection, ML/NLP/NER/DataAnalytics, Algolia Index, Search & Retrieval is in pretty good shape

    • Data testing (duplicates, bad data, bad links, data ordering, etc) 

      • Testing is underway​

      • Fixing nits and gnats, here and there

      • Preparing spreadsheets for "outsourced" testers

      • Posted in, have 5 or so resumes

  • Front-End

    • There is a prototype front-end that is being used for testing:

    • The production front-end is being transitioned to a Building Blocks server  

      • The design/code to support "Featured" companies is complete  

      • The code to support "Sponsored" ads is complete.​​

      • The production version can be found here:

        • As of July 7, waiting on fixes for the Production Deploy

      • Index control and other features TBD

    •  PenTesting is still TBD.

    • Overall, the project needs to recruit someone for Front End

      • Posted to​

      • Emailed Matthew;  no response

      • Need to move away from and overseas outsourced.

  • Sales

    • Not started yet!

    • Study list of related sources of community advertising

    • Form Strategy 

    • Form Pricing Structure

    • Secure advertising for "Featured" companies and "Sponsored" ad space

      • Free for first round until we get traffic to the site?​

    • "Marketing" --> How to get the word out?​

  • Overall Timeline

    • Barb House under contract; Moving end of August; Multiple trips.

    • Deploy, Index Control, Testing/Fixes, Index Company data: July

    • Community outreach for sponsored/featured (free version) : July 19 - Aug 6

    • Marketing plan : July

    • Go Live!  Week of August 16?

A starting point for research on Community-Based Advertising:



Examples of Potential

Revenue from Job Postings

(Targeted for Q4 to Host Native Job Postings)

The following table gives a partial list of websites that currently host blockchain-related job postings. 

CryptocurrencyJobs is listed at the top of the table and is likely the biggest direct competitor.  They have a few features to their website, but they don't have the data analysis/analytics or interactive visualization that this Blockchain Opportunity Analysis project will have, which should drive traffic to our offering.

LinkedIn is the number one in volume and it is guessed that our project could siphon some of their Blockchain-focused clients. is a good example of a well known Blockchain company (Coinbase) investing in job postings on a niche job board. --> This is not included in the table below but is mentioned here for reference.  This site provides some basic search capabilities.  It re-directs the actual job postings, mostly to LinkedIn but also some to blocktribe, etc.  All of the postings are listed as "1 month ago".  Looks as though someone abandoned this project.  On this link, there is evidence that at some point, they were charging for the job postings: --> has only about 150 listings, but they are somewhat different.  They don't list their pricing info, so its not clear what they charge, but it appears that the site itself tries to match candidates with jobs, complete doing the first round of interviews.  It looks as though they have been in business for 2 years. --> looks as though these guys came on the scene early on but they don't have much recent activity.  It's not clear how they generated revenue.  --> $399/posting + some add ons.  61 Blockchain jobs.  --> Free.  They only have a handful of postings, but probably will be ramping up.  --> They have about 1000 job postings with prices from $100 up for 30 days. They offer a little more than just job postings.  They list about 350 companies.  --> They have about 130 jobs;  prices start at $200/mo for 1 job posting.  200*130 == 26000/mo, but there are also discounts for multiple listings.