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Mission Statement

Building Blocks Technologies is a small, boutique blockchain focused technology company.   


Building Blocks Technologies provides development and consultation services to other startups and to research efforts at all layers of the blockchain stack:  infrastructure, protocol, middleware, application, and analytics. Building Blocks Technologies honors a diverse and inclusive staff of technologists and seeks to be the go-to solution for projects that require innovative solutions produced within a reasonable budget and reasonable schedule.

Building Blocks Technologies has built-in, at the foundation, a plan for profit and growth based on a machine learning, natural language processing, and big-data model. This model enables a predictive and adaptive feedback loop that will keep Building Blocks Technologies far ahead of the state-of-the-technology curve, as blockchain technology matures and evolves.  With this advanced approach, Building Blocks Technologies will ensure that we always have the talent available to respond to the needs of the BlockChain world.

At its core, the following are the cornerstones of the Building Blocks Technologies mission:

  • Build and maintain a world class team of technologists who consistently exceeds our customers expectations.

  • Focus on skills and technology that can help Blockchain based initiatives achieve their promise of both social and economic good.

  • Be a profitable company where all team members share in the profits;  Give back to the world through blockchain projects with a focus on social good.

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