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Summer 2020 Internship Team Kickoff!


  • Welcome and Introductions

  • Summary of Interviews and Team Selection

  • Team Logistics

  • Overall Technical Objectives

  • Resources

  • Project Kickoffs

  • Crawler

Summary of Interviews and Team Section:

  • ~40 Emails of Interest, ~32 invited to interviews, ~28 completed interview

  • Very high concentration in ML/NLP/Data Analytics, with Python far away #1 skill

  • No UX/UI.  No FrontEnd specifically.  Even Data Science people had little interest in visualization

  • As a result, team mix is a little different than what was on the internship web page

    • 2 Machine Learning : Lu and Prakhar

    • 1 Data Analytics / Data Science:  Nikhil

    • 1 NLP: Leon

    • 1 Business Development Engineer: Kavi

    • 1 Blockchain Data Extraction: Kaushik

    • 1 Blockchain Oracle/Exchange collection: Sammy

    • 2 Development/Blockchain Generalists (DeFi, DAO, IoT...): Khushi, Parul

  • We are left with a few holes!

    • Data Collection -- The Crawler​

      • This is going to be our first problem to conquer as a Team!!! (more later...)​

    • UX/UI/Visualization for Blockchain Opportunity Analysis project

Team Logistics:

  • 100% remote, distributed team.  Time Zones are India + every TZ in Continental US.

  • Other than pre-scheduled meetings, demos and planning, hours are 100% flexible -- work where you want, when you want!

  • Everyone has signed agreement.  Please respect privacy of Building Blocks and Teammates

  • Spreadsheet Contact info and Emergency Contact.  Add to Slack?

  • Working agreements to loosely specify communication expectations (24 hours?)

  • We will follow 2 week "sprints", complete with internal demos

    • Suggest Tuesday as planning/demo day​

    • Planning for the first sprint will be this week in conjunction with Project Kickoffs

    • First demo will be on June 23rd

    • Demo will be followed by planning for the next Sprint

  • Personal, one-on-ones with Barb every other week, but available in Slack every day!

  • Peer-to-peer one-on-ones every week

    • Would like to do round-robin, not just people on the same project​

    • At the end of 8 weeks, we should all know each other!!!

  • Dedicated Slack channel for team collaboration -- Please Participate!

  • Final demo on August 7

Overview of Technical Objectives:

  • Team Member Specific:

    • Team Work and Collaboration​

    • Planning and execution as a group of technologists

    • Honing and advancing skills in chosen area of technology

  • Building Blocks Technologies:



  • Git Repo:

    • Everyone has been added​

    • We will need to define and agree on process

  • Slack workspace:  ​​

    • #introductions -- Please introduce yourself!​

    • #help

    • #blockhain-edu:  please share input/feedback on videos, articles, etc

    • #crawler:  for those of us tackling this issue!

    • Add spreadsheet with contact info / emergency contact info?

    • Add as appropriate!

  • Google Documents?  IDK

    • Video Training Spreadsheet​

    • Contact / Emergency

    • Working Agreements

  • Video Training (Starting Point!) : Full spreadsheet will be available by June 16th (1 Week)

Project Kickoffs:

  • Each project will have a kickoff this week.

  • Core members of the project will figure out a day/time

  • Day/Times/Zoom links will be published in Slack

  • All members of the team are invited to All kickoffs.  However, non-core members should minimize participation in the meeting and save questions/comments for Slack and/or one-off meetings 

  • Objective of the kickoff: 

    • Agree on requirements

    • Record Major milestones

    • Sprint #1 tasking/goals

  • Business Development : Kavi, Sometime on Tuesday

  • Blockchain Opportunity Analysis:  Leon, Lu, Prakhar, Nikhil
    • 1 meeting with everyone​
    • Separate meetings to go through the specifics of each set of data for
      • ML​
      • NLP
      • Data Analytics
  • Blockchain Data Extraction: Kaushik, Sammy
  • Development/Blockchain Generalists: Khushi, Parul


  • One of the major sources of the data!

  • At a minimum, we need to do SOME of the things on this page:

  • Many people with some java

  • Attempt to solve in-house

  • Get help from some other source.  Friends, Slack, remotestudents, etc


  • Have Fun!

  • Engage!

  • Learn!

  • Communicate!

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