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Domains of the BlockChain

This list is by no means comprehensive.  The purpose of this list is to demonstrate the breadth and width of the Domains to which BlockChain technology can be applied.

-- Finance:

  • Cross-border transactions

  • Digital assets as a class

  • Clearing and settlement optimization

-- Internet of Things:

  • Support for billions of connected devices

  • Trusted interoperability for both data and commerce

  • Secure dialogue between sensors, platforms, applications and humans


-- Healthcare: 

  • Interoperability between providers

  • Information "unblocking"

  • Pharmaceutical supply chain management


-- Government: 

  • Secure storage of sensitive citizen and business data

  • Creation and execution of legal agreements

  • Improved efficiency and reduced costs via streamlined processes and elimination of single points of failure

  • Public records, voting, taxes

  • Smart cities


-- Law Enforcement:

  • Monitor, flag and analyze transactions that may be related to criminal activity

  • Chain of custody tracking

  • Inter-agency data sharing

  • Decentralized emergency response

-- Manufacturing:

  • Track and traceability

  • Warranty management

  • Supply chain tracking

  • Proof of origin

  • Real time data on all aspects of the shipping process

-- Identity Management: 

  • Individuals create and control their own encrypted, digital identities

  • Shift the profit from personal data from large organizations down to the individual

-- Energy: 

  • Power generation and distribution

  • Low-carbon transition and sustainability

  • Peer-to-Peer energy trading


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