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DeFi:  Decentralized Finance

  • Financial tools and services for the peer to peer economy

  • Tools and services include (but are not limited to!):

    • Lending and Borrowing​

    • Insurance

    • Exchanges

  • 2020 has arguably been the "year of DeFi", with respect to the velocity of applications/services being developed and deployed, particularly on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • DeFi is the term frequently heard in the media;  there is a companion abbreviation CeFi, which is Centralized Finance.

  • CeFi:  Crypto products and platforms managed by a centralized organization that custodies your assets and centralizes all components of, decisions about and activities on the platform

    • Coinbase, Celsius, Binance, BlockFi, Nexo:  Trust the Company

  • Decentralized Finance -- crypto products and platforms buils on a blockchain that are non-custodial and many of the components and activities are decentralized.

    • Kyber Network, Maker, Uniswap, Opyn:  Trust the Protocol​​

  • Non-Custodial, Decentralized price oracles, decentralized platform and developemen:


  • CeFi

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