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Culture and Philosophy

At Building Blocks Technologies, we understand that Culture can not be dictated, as "dictating culture" is simply impossible.... However, it IS possible for the Founding Partners to build a firm foundation of core values that may effectively influence and shape the company culture. To this end, from the outset Building Blocks Technologies will institute some core principles upon which the Company/Team are built. The following are some bullet points that summarize our overall philosophy:

  • The Team and The Company are one in the same. The Team IS the Company and the Company IS the Team. There is no differentiation.

  • Every member of The Team is expected to participate in shaping, growing, mentoring, challenging and supporting every other member of The Team.

  • Every member of The Team shares in the rewards and profits of The Team.

  • The Company understands that Team members will function most effectively as Human Beings -- not just as technologists, but more generically as Human Beings -- if they are given the flexibility and encouragement to live a balanced life. To this end, Building Blocks Technologies offers an environment of "structured flexibility" wherein a given number of hours per week are dedicated to Team Time and the remainder of the week is 100% flex time -- work where you want, when you want. We support your parenting/workout/personal/family/recreational/down time, while at the same time holding each other accountable for the overall success of The Team. We are all going to be in this together and we want to create an environment that is challenging, rewarding and satisfying all at the same time. Not possible? We think it is!

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