Building Blocks Technologies Proprietary


Objective of this Effort:  Research, design and build an interactive visualization of the Blockchain Opportunity Analysis space.  UX and UI will work together to define requirements and conceptualize the final product.  After conceptualization, the UX/UI team will develop and flesh out the wireframes and ultimately build the final product.  

The Data for the Visualization:  The data for the visualization comes from job postings, whitepapers and websites related to the blockchain.  

  • The data is N dimensional

  • Dimensions of the data include: skill set (solidity, rust, java, etc), stack (infrastructure, protocol, middleware, etc), geographic region, industry (healthcare, finance, etc), position (program manager, "front end developer", devops, etc), salary range, date posted, funding round, funding entity, technology (machine learning, public key encryption, merkle tree, zero knowledge proof, etc) and more.


Figuring out how to display the N dimensions in a meaningful way to users is going to be a Challenge!  And, building the final product is going to be difficult. 

This is a great opportunity for a few creative people to dig in and build something that can be used as part of their portfolio using real and meaningful data.  But, its not going to be easy, so for anyone interested, you'll have to be prepared to do research up front and spend time getting comfortable with the data, the domain, etc.