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Community Dashboards to Inform, Engage and Grow!

Hello and Welcome to the Moonbeam Communities Dashboard Project!

The objective of this project is to collect and analyze on-chain data for Moonbeam communities. 


The data boils down to user-centric information such that the Moonbeam communities can

understand their members and thus more fully engage and grow the communities! 

Eventually, this project aims to be the mix-panel of Moonbeam! Convert. Engage. Retain.

The data summarizes the basic statistics that can be found on the explorer, such as total supply

and number of unique wallets, but then it drills down to analyze those wallets to provide insights.

  • Which wallets are active over multiple networks?

  • How many different collections does this wallet hold?

  • What type of community member? -- OG, Whale, Newbie?

  • What type of buyer / trader is the wallet? -- buy the mint and hold?  Active Trader?

  • And much more!

Q1 2020:

  • Identify funding opportunities that are in line with the Building Blocks mission that could help to launch the company. Pursue as appropriate.  (DONE!  Proposal submitted to National Science Foundation)

  • Begin building strategic relationships. (DONE!) 

  • Develop beta crawler/indexer/ML/NLP process (DONE!)

  • Based on our ML/NLP analysis, select an initial set of industry vectors on which to focus (DONE!)

  • Based on the industry vectors, define an initial technology skill set on which to focus (DONE!)

Q2 2020:

  • Team building:  collaborate with and/or recruit technologists to join the team (DONE!)

    • InHouse team of 9 Engineers on board as technology collaborators.​

    • Team skills spread across Machine Learning, NLP, Data Analytics, and Backend Generalists

  • Begin building in-house capabilities to execute technology development on the skills identified for the vectors identified. (DONE!)

    • InHouse training on Blockchain basics​

    • InHouse training on Cryptographic Primitives

    • InHouse training on Smart Contract Development with emphasis on Security and Best Practices.

Q3 and Q4 2020:

  • Begin R&D activities for tooling solutions and smart contracts (DONE!)

  • Begin contacting potential clients in our identified verticals (DONE!)

  • Begin securing and executing contracts (In Progress, Contract execution to begin in Q1)

  • Begin building reputation for being the "go to" solution for targeted blockchain development tasks

  • Continue adaptive feedback loop of the following (DONE!)

    • Collecting data

    • Analyzing industry trends

    • Building in-house skills to respond to industry demand

    • Securing and executing contracts

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