Business Summary


Will blockchain technology ultimately live up to all of the hype?  Will it be the foundation for Web-Next?  Will it transform day to day living?  There is likely some truth to the abundant claims of good and fortune; there is also likely a bit of truth to be found in the multitude of criticisms.  Either way, however, Building Blocks Technologies  argues that regardless of the way the scales ultimately tip, there exist two  indisputable truths: 


Indisputable Truth #1 -- The world is going to give it a try!  This fact can be seen in the number of Seed Phase startups emerging; it can be seen in Government Requests for Proposals and Small Business Innovative Research solicitations; it can be seen on LinkedIn position listings where blockchain skills have seen a 33X growth explosion in 2020, exceeding demand for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning skills.  Additionally,  it can be seen by every day people on our evening news and on our magazine covers.  


Indisputable Truth #2 -- There are not enough technologists in the world right now with the skills and experience to support the research and development demands of this burgeoning market.  Blockchain technology is hard!  It requires a mix of Engineering, Mathematics, Cryptography, Computer Science and Human Imagination and Motivation.  This is where Building Blocks Technologies comes into the picture.  We will build a world class team of technologists and innovators who will respond to the needs of the Technology World as the Blockchain revolution unfolds.


The following are the bullet points for how Building Blocks Technologies intends to accomplish our Mission Statement:

Q1 2020

  • Identify funding opportunities that are in line with the Building Blocks mission that could help to launch the company. Pursue as appropriate.  (DONE:  proposal submitted to National Science Foundation)

  • Begin building strategic relationships. (DONE) 

  • Develop beta crawler/indexer/ML/NLP process (DONE)

  • Based on our ML/NLP analysis, select an initial set of industry vectors on which to focus (DONE)

  • Based on the industry vectors, define an initial technology skill set on which to focus (DONE)

Q2 2020

  • Team building:  collaborate with and/or recruit technologists to join the team (DONE)

    • InHouse team of 9 Engineers on board as technology collaborators.​

    • Team skills spread across Machine Learning, NLP, Data Analytics, and Backend Generalists

  • Begin building in-house capabilities to execute technology development on the skills identified for the vectors identified. (DONE)

    • InHouse training on Blockchain basics​

    • InHouse training on Cryptographic Primitives

    • InHouse training on Smart Contract Development with emphasis on Security and Best Practices.

Q3 and Q4 2020

  • Begin R&D activities for tooling solutions and smart contracts

  • Begin contacting potential clients in our identified verticals

  • Begin securing and executing contracts

  • Begin building reputation for being the "go to" solution for targeted blockchain development tasks

  • Continue adaptive feedback loop of the following

    • Collecting data

    • Analyzing industry trends

    • Building in-house skills to respond to industry demand

    • Securing and executing contracts

2021 and Beyond

  • Expand initial team to 10 technologits or beyond, with an eye towards an emphasis on diversity and inclusion.

  • Continue to execute our business model of the adaptive feedback loop.

  • Continue, always, to build our reputation and prove our worthiness to the industry.

  • Continue to research and pursue government sponsored funding vehicles as appropriate.