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At Building Blocks Technologies, we have a variety of opportunities available, with a variety of compensation options.  The following is a highlevel description of our model/categories, the associated responsibilities, and compensation.  If any of these piques your interest, please feel free to reach out to get the conversation started!



Category #1:   Solo-preneurs!  -- This type of collaboration is for folks who are grounded in their craft and can execute tasks independently.  We have tasks at all levels of the development stack.  You are compensated based on milestones and deliveries.  You maintain your independence, but have the support and collaboration of a great team of technologists. We have very high standards and require solo-preneurs to follow a roadmap and two week sprints, in addition to engaging in consistent and clear communication with both our internal team and with the clients.

Category #2:  Revenue Partners -- This type of collaboration is for folks who have the time, energy and will to invest in themselves!  In this part of our model, individuals take responsibility for an entire portion of a project, such as "Front End" or "Product/Business".   The individual runs that portion of the project and shares in the revenue according to agreed on terms.  Typically, the terms will be 1/3 or 1/4 of the overall revenue (after expenses such as cloud hosting, etc are deducted), divided for example amongst Back-End, Front-End, Product/Business (and gaps filled in appropriately...)  While there are consistently on-going opportunities in this arena, in Q1 2022, there are specific opportunities for a FullStack developer and a Marketing/Sales/Product person.  

Category #3:  Equity Partners -- Building Blocks is off and running!  We have built the base layer of infrastructure according to our vision and model. We have the NLP loop up and running, collecting and analyzing data.  We have our training materials accumulated and organized. And, we have the initial Building Blocks developed to support tooling solutions and blockchain data analytics. We are currently ready to expand to a larger in-house staff.  To do this, we would like to bring on a few equity partners that can help to staff and fund an expanded in-house team.  In particular, we'd like to bring on in-house partners to fill CTO, Developer & Operations Lead, Data Analytics Engineer, and Front-End Developer/Engineer.

Category #4:  Internships -- Building Blocks typically runs 2 or 3 intern sessions per calendar year.  These are unpaid internships, but they are structured such that the participants gain real world experience on interesting projects.  Over the years, we have had participants at all levels -- from high school through PhD candidates!  The internships are 8 weeks long, follow a loose agile methodology and stress teamwork/collaboration.  We are proud of our track record of seeing our team members move beyond Building Blocks to greatness as they launch their careers! 


Again, if any of this sounds interesting, please drop us a note!

Thanks and We look forward to hearing from you!