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"Blockchain Opportunity Analysis"

UX/Design and UI/Front-End Development

Phase II

1.0 Background

"Blockchain Opportunity Analysis" is a project spear-headed by Building Blocks Technologies which seeks to generate revenue while at the same time, providing a service to the emergent blockchain community.

The focus of the project is to produce an interactive visualization of the blockchain space, where data and statistics can be explored to reveal a picture of the opportunities available in this domain.  Revenue is generated by selling community-specific ad space (Q3, 2021)  and, eventually, by hosting job listings natively (Q4, 2021).  Competition in this niche space is currently very low and demand is projected to increase throughout 2021 and beyond as Blockchain technology continues to gain momentum around the world.

The data to back the visualization is collected, analyzed and databased.  The source of the data is job postings (Q3), whitepapers, patent applications, and blockchain-focused company websites (Q4 and beyond). 

2.0 Phase II UX/Design "Gig"


We are currently looking for bids to design some slight modifications to the current static representation and to design the interactive portion.  Below are links to the current Figma artifacts and to the actual static site.  Additionally, the lists below give the bullet points for this task and for the acceptance criteria.  Interested parties are invited to submit a bid by sending the following information to

  • Timeframe for completion

  • Algolia or Elastic Search?

  • Total bid

   Current Artifacts:

   Task #1 -- Modifications to current Figma prototype

  •  Landing Page Updates

    • Update “Building Blocks” and the 3 blocks to the real BBT logo

    • Under “The Blockchain Industry at a Glance”, add the text “Data-Backed Answers to your Questions!”


  • Dashboard Page Updates

    • Add two more options: We need a design that will be consistent with the 4 options already presented...

      • “Companies/Projects” : When a user hovers, they will see this → “What companies and projects are active in the space?”

      • “Generic Search”: When a user hovers they will see this → “Let me search generically!”

      • "What skills do you need to have" --> "What skills are in demand?"

  • Everywhere: “Blockchain Technologies” –> “Technologies”

  • Industries, Technologies, Positions, Skills & Algorithms Page Updates:

    • Update the Figma design to show more data items, as in the current implementation found here:

    • Each item on these 4 pages becomes “clickable”. So on the “Industries” page, for example each circle is “clickable”.

      • Somewhere we add “Click to explore career opportunities!”

      • When clicked, it will take the user to one of the new pages where they will be able to “explore” career opportunities related to the item that they picked. A suggestion for the style for this page can be provided.  Designer can use idea or come up with their own

  • Industries: In addition to the above, the “Industries” design needs work

    • Make responsive to real data
    • Would like to iterate on colors, size and placement of circles


Task #2 -- UX Design, Figma Prototype for New Pages

   There are 3 styles of new pages:

Acceptance Criteria

  • Full Figma design prototype that includes modifications to existing pages, as well as creation of the new pages is complete

  • Navigation via the figma prototype to the new pages is complete

  • Existing pages and New pages include all of the features/attributes as given in the lists above

3.0 Fun Stuff!

If any of the above has piqued your interest then you may be interested in these 2 additional tidbits :

-- Payment for this gig can be in USD OR in Cryptocurrency -- Have you been wondering how people get this "Bitcoin" that is all over the news?  Well, one way to obtain your first crypto is to engage in a gig where the stakeholder is willing to pay you in crypto!

-- Beyond being paid, there is potential "revenue-share" opportunities for the right candidate.  The "revenue-share" feature is for contributions beyond just design and goes into overall product type contributions and responsibilities.  For anyone with the background/skill/interest/entrepenaurial-spirit, a roadmap and revenue predictions are available.

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